How Important Is Getting Admission In A Good Arts College?

There are so many things one learns in a college. We learn to adjust in different settings and it’s always a unique experience getting to know new things about people and develop various facets of our personality.

Study of arts deals with humanities as a whole. The best learning field for arts is the world and life itself, though it may seem like simple statement, not many people seem to realize that completely. In the broader sense studying arts is an end in itself and not a means to an end. And some people argue that it’s a means to an end, the end being getting a good job and earning one’s livelihood. But really the job would then involve studying arts too-in the sense of application and constant learning- and if someone sees it as just a job and not an art then its just a mechanical process with no role of arts. So the core is the studying bit and job is only incidental to it from a long-term perspective. Or in other words art is a part of each and every thing we do and can’t be treated as a thing segregated from the other aspects of life.

Students studying in the ‘not so good’ colleges are not considered as good as students from the top colleges. So there is this hierarchy involved which is a false concept especially with regards to study of arts, which deals with the individuality of a person more than anything else does.
What makes a good arts student? Greater the ability to uncap the potential and the creativity within, better the student. One may say that a better college is the one that helps students become more creative.

How does a college that starts gain recognition as a good one? It’s probably because of great works of its alumni in the initial years and that gives it the tag of an excellent college better than the other colleges. The other colleges are gradually considered inferior in the sense that it’s a relative thing, which again contradicts any principle of true art.

So over the years students crave to go to the ‘best’ college, without realizing that the college is nothing without the students and they themselves make the college great and not vice versa.
But don’t better colleges choose better students? The admissions are done on the basis of marks secured by cramming a few things and an interview at most places. So does that gauge correctly the true worth of a student? I found it really hard to get admission to a school during childhood because I was too shy to speak up, but does that mean that I will be the same after a few years?
But aren’t students from ‘better’ colleges more successful? Its very important to understand here what success refers to. Is success a high post someone has attained or a bigger salary on the basis of the college they came from? But how is it that some greatest artists have never gone to any college?

If college selection is really not based on the past records then how is it that every year most students recognize the same college as the ‘best’ one in a particular area? In fact most people blindly ape other people, from the past or present and that is again the death of all art. But people worry about what others would say and don’t want to take chance and try to stick to the past. Anyone with such an approach lacking conviction and courage would anyway not make it big in the field of arts, which is all about being able to express and act on our independent views and ideas.

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